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The structure of the League parallels the representative system of government under which we live. Our local, state and national governments are dependent one upon the other; the base is the individual citizen. The several League levels are also interdependent. Members determine the policies and program of all League levels. Membership is simultaneous on all three levels where applicable.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan, a membership organization which conducts action and advocacy is a 501(c)(4) corporation.  The League of Women Voters of Michigan Education Fund, which conducts our voter service and citizen education activities, is a 501 (c)(3) corporation (a nonprofit, tax deductible educational organization). 

MEMBERSHIP:  The League is open to any person who subscribes to the purpose and policy of the League. There are three types of membership:

  • Voting members who are citizens at least 18 years old and enrolled in recognized local Leagues.
  • Associate members who are all other members enrolled in local Leagues (i.e. those under voting age and non-citizens).
  • Members-at-Large (MALS) who are members residing outside the area of, and are therefore not enrolled in any local League.

NONPARTISANSHIP:  The League acts in support of, or in opposition to, selected governmental issues which its members have studied. It does not support or oppose candidates, factions or political parties. League members, as individuals, are urged to participate in the political process, which would include political parties. In order to protect the League's nonpartisanship policy, guidelines regarding the political activities of the individual members of the Board of Directors are reviewed frequently.

FINANCING:  The League is a non-profit organization financed by member dues and contributions, and through community and national finance drives which enable public-spirited citizens to help support the work of the League. Dues are collected at the local League level. A portion of those dues are shared with the state and national Leagues as determined by a vote of the membership. A tax deductible LWV Education Fund can be used for publications and Voter Service information.