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DEFENDING DEMOCRACY was the timely theme of the League of Women Voters of Michigan's 2021 Biennial Convention held virtually on May 21 and 22.   270 League members from all over the state attended the Convention.  Delegates elected officers, and passed a budget, bylaw amendments and a program for the next biennium.


Many League members were given recognition awards at the Convention, but several received the League's notable awards:

Helen Milliken Leadership in Civic Empowerment
Janet Magennis, Holland Area LWV
Maria Rivera, Macomb County LWV

Maryanne Mahaffey Community Service Award

Jan Warren, Grand Traverse Area LWV
Denise Hartsough, Kalamazoo Area LWV

Belle Brotherton Exceptional Leadership Award

Judy Karandjeff, Lansing Area League


At the start of every new legislative session (2-year terms), the Advocacy Committee and the LWVMI Board seek to benefit from input from local League interviews of the State Representatives and State Senators. These interviews help us establish a relationship with a legislator.

Legislative Interview materials were sent to all local League Presidents/Chairs on January 29. Below are the same materials, except for the background information for the questions, since that information is for League use only. If you need the background information, please contact and it will be emailed to you. September 1, 2021 is the target date for completion of the legislative interviews.

IMPLEMENTING PROPOSAL 3:  promote the vote

With the passage of Proposal 3 in the November 2018 election, the Michigan Secretary of State along with local clerks are working on the new processes and rules for Michigan Voters. The LWV of Michigan has partnered with the ACLU of Michigan, the NAACP Michigan State Conference and Voters Not Politicians, to publish a Local Clerk Engagement Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to give citizens the tools they need to engage their local city or township clerks to expand access to the ballot. The Toolkit explains the role city and township clerks play in administering elections and implementing Proposal 3 . The Toolkit provides a list of concrete asks that citizens can make of their city or township clerk. While the Proposal 3 implementation needs will vary by city and township, some of the suggestions in the Toolkit are appropriate for every community.

League members can also refer to the ACLU's "Know Your Voting Rights Guide".


Below are a number of resources to assist in educating voters about Michigan's new voting rights:

Michigan's New Voting Rights - a 2-page primer on the new rights granted to Michigan's voters as a result of the passage of Proposal 3 in November, 2018 (flyer updated September, 2020)

2. One-page voter registration flyer produced by Michigan Secretary of State (not specific to any election date). 

3. Tri-fold flyer on new voting rights - to distribute by Local Leagues. This PDF document has the LWVMI logo, and can be used by any League (updated January, 2020) 

4.  Voter Registration Information for Students: Several Michigan Leagues have created power point presentations specifically geared towards students who need voter registration information. All are well done and can be found below. If you would like the actual power point instead of a PDF file, please contact the designated voter service person.

Short video about registering to vote in the November, 2020 election from

Power Point from the LWV Ann Arbor Area. For a non-PDF file, contact Donna Crudder at  LWV Ann Arbor also produced a series of 3 videos for high school students:  a voter registration video, a how to vote in-person or by mail, and a compilation of the websites shown in the 2 videos.  For more information about the videos, contact Roddy Wares at

Power Point from LWV Leelanau/Charlevoix-Emmet County Unit. For a non-PDF, contact Robin Jordan at

One-page flyer for students, prepared by the Copper Country League:  How to Register + Election information.  Feel free to change the website to your own on this Word document. 

Power Point from LWV Dearborn-Dearborn Heights. For a non-PDF, contact Jennifer Oliver at

One-page information flyer from LWVUS concerning student voter registration can be found here.


vote 411 information and publicity resources

The VOTE411 timeline for the 2020 August Primary election can be found by clicking here.

Basic Training for VOTE411 from LWVUS - click here

New logo (August, 2019) and brand standards - click here.

Use any of these resources to publicize Vote 411: 

  • A poster/flyer publicizing Vote411.  This pdf file has LWV Michigan information on it and can be used by any local League.  But if you would like this personalized for your local League, contact
  • Sample Letter to the Editor or Press Releasefor your local media.  These samples are in a Word document.  Copy and paste into your letterhead and personalize it by adding in your local League name an the election date.  For a LWVUS VOTE411 press release template, click here.
  • VOTE411 Press release specifically for the August 4, 2020 Primary Election. 
  • Social Media messages from LWVUS - click here.
  • Public Service Announcement for your local radio and TV stations.
  • VOTE411 Bookmarks-- Inexpensive to produce and easy to distribute.  In Word document form, so they may be adapted to your local League. Note: Word will not format all 8 panels of the text side on one sheet. After you've changed the name and website to your League on all 8 panels, print them both and physically attach them together so that they all appear on the same page. When your printer makes back-to-back copies (with VOTE on the flip side), there should be 8 bookmarks per page.  (Thank you to the LWV Dearborn/Dearborn Heights for creating this resources and allowing it to be shared.)
  • Vote411 Widget and other VOTE411 prompotional information.   To help publicize VOTE411 and expand access to this information, the LWVUS built several Widgets with a variety of functions, for use by state and local Leagues on their websites. These widgets (and QR code) are free for anyone to use. If your League is not currently using Widgets, learn more on the LWVUS web site.  For information on downloading and using Widgets, click here.
  • LWVUS's Flickr Site - includes VOTE411 photos available for use (no copyright restrictions)
The 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.


On November 5, 1918, Michigan's (all male) voters approved a state constitutional amendment granting suffrage to Michigan women. On April 4, 1919, The League of Women Voters of Michigan was established. When the 19th amendment was submitted to the states for ratification on June 4, 1919, the Michigan legislature took only 4 days to ratify the amendment on June 10, 1919. After 36 states ratified the amendment, it was officially adopted on August 26, 1920.

All levels of the League are celebrating the dual milestones of the passage of the 19th amendment and the anniversary of the LWVUS (Feb. 14, 2020).  Below are some celebration resources.

LWVUS' Centennial Anniversary Toolkit

LWVUS' "February 14, 2020 Day of Action" Toolkit

Sample Resolution that your City or Township may want to use when publicly congratulating your

League on the dual anniversaries.
LWVUS' "She is Me" Toolkit

LWVUS's Flickr Site - includes historical photos available for use (no copyright restrictions)

Smithsonian's "Open Access" link to millions of current and historical photos
Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame

Timeline of Women's Suffrage in the US

Timeline of Women's Suffrage in Michigan

Timeline from Teen Vogue: When Did Women Get the Vote?  (Great for a younger audience)

Timeline of National Woman's Party and ERA: 1912 to 1997
Suffrage products (including Suffragist cutout featured at LWVMI 5-19 convention) and Suffragist pins sold by LWV Missouri

Power Point of Michigan Women's Suffrage prepared by Judy Karandjeff

LWVMI Logo used at 2019 Convention ("Building on the First 100 Years")

Women's Vote Centennial Commission (Michigan)

Celebrations in Michigan Local Leagues: (Check back often for more additions)

Ann Arbor: The Ann Arbor League's museum exhibit, "Liberty Awakes in Washtenaw County: When Women Won the Vote" is a ommemorative historical exhibit that recognizes the individuals and groups in Washtenaw County who raised their voices and aired their conflicting views about expanding voting rights to women during the crucial decade of 1910 - 1920. The exhibit will be displayed in libraries and museums across the county.

Berrien & Cass Counties: "Conversations with a Suffragist" starring Megan Burnett was held on 9-18-19 at the Vickers Theatre. Attendees were encouraged to wear white in honor of the suffragists.  Watch the performance by clicking here.

Copper Country: Held a reception on March 5 at the Carnegie Museum to celebrate the opening of "Petticoat Patriots: How Michigan Women Won the Vote", a travelling exhibit from Michigan Women Forward. Funding and logistics for this 3-week display were provided by the CC LWV. CC President Barry Fink was also interviewed on the radio about this display. Link can be found here.

Flint: A Flint LWV member is representing the League on the Genessee County Women's Vote Centennial Committee. The kickoff event was a Suffrage March on August 31, 2019, featuring participation from many area women's groups. See news article here.  Flint LWV also held a Centennial dinner on February 14, 2020. The League joined forces with other local groups to get the historical busts of influential Flint/Gennessee County women out to the public, and they were unveiled at the dinner.

NW Wayne County:  A 'travelling'  collection of suffragist memorbilia is being displayed in llibraries in their service area. Each library allows a 30-day display; ten libraries have been booked.  NW Wayne is also seeking a resolution from each of the 13 citiies and townships in their service area (see Sample Resolution above).