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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATETAKE ACTION


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  • 50 Year Member Certificate
    The following information is needed to receive a 50-year Lifetime Member Certificate:
    1. Name of individual being recognized,
    2. Name of Local League,
    3. Address where certificate should be mailed and
    4. Date certificate will be presented (if it will be presented at an event).    Email this information to membership@lwv.org. For additional questions please reach out to the Membership Associate at 202-263-1300.

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Guide to Financial Policies & Procedures



LWVUS handles the 501c3 accounting, tax requirements, deposits and withdrawals for many of our local Leagues (at no cost to the local League).  In 2019, the name of that fund changed to “Imact Fund”.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is charged with the important responsibility of identifying future League leaders. It is the task of the committee to promote service on the board as something that not only enhances the organization but also provides a chance for members to serve the organization—and experience personal growth.

The committee needs to be operational soon after its members are elected and operate on an ongoing basis. It should be proactive, seeking those who have particular skills of value to the organization—from among both League members and those who are not yet members. Nominating committee members should attend several board meetings in order to familiarize themselves with how the board operates and the responsibilities of the various board positions. This knowledge will assist them when they are considering the appropriate people for leadership positions. Unlike other League committees, the
nominating committee is responsible to the membership, not to the board.

The nominating committee traditionally presents a single slate of officers and directors to  the annual meeting or convention, although there is usually no bylaws requirement to do so. League bylaws do, however, provide for nominations from the floor.
Excerpted from League Basics. 


LWVMI Observer Corps.  Contact LWVMI Director Lynne Kochmanski  about organizing an Observer Corps.

Observer Corps members:  Find the next meeting link on the LWV Only page.