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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATETAKE ACTION

Voter Service Tools

Voter Service Tools


Below are a number of resources to assist in educating voters about Michigan’s voting rights:

  • Voter Information 2023 Brochure
  •  One-page voter registration flyer produced by Michigan Secretary of State (not specific to any election date).
  • Tri-fold flyer on voting rights – to distribute by Local Leagues.
    This PDF document has the LWVMI logo, and can be used by any League.
  • VoteRiders – a non-partisan organization that provides free resources to helping citizens get the necessary ID to vote and to accomplish other services.  Click here for the toolkit.
  • In 2020, the LWV of Michigan partnered with the ACLU of Michigan, the NAACP Michigan State Conference and Voters Not Politicians, to publish a Local Clerk Engagement Toolkit.
    1. The Toolkit is designed to give citizens the tools they need to engage their local city or township clerks to expand access to the ballot.
    2. The Toolkit explains the role city and township clerks play in administering elections and implementing Proposal 3 .
    3. The Toolkit provides a list of concrete asks that citizens can make of their city or township clerk. While the Proposal 3 implementation needs will vary by city and township, some of the suggestions in the Toolkit are appropriate for every community.



  • A Poster/Flyer for publicizing Vote411.  This PDF file has LWV Michigan information on it and can be used by any local League.  But if you would like this personalized for your local League, contact paulabowman9000@gmail.com
  • LWVUS VOTE411 press release templates are available here for primary and general elections.  Personalize by including your local League information.
  • Vote411 Widget & Other VOTE411 Promotional Information 
    To help publicize VOTE411 and expand access to this information, the LWVUS built several VOTE411.org Widgets with a variety of functions, for use by state and local Leagues on their websites. These widgets (and QR code) are free for anyone to use. If your League is not currently using Widgets, learn more on the LWVUS web site.

  • LWVUS Flickr Site
    Includes VOTE411 photos available for use (no copyright restrictions)