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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATETAKE ACTION

Redistricting 2021

Redistricting 2021 & People Powered Fair Maps Michigan


Every 10 years after the census is completed, new political lines are drawn for federal, state, county and some local districts.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan has a position  in support of an Independent Redistricting Commission, and  was instrumental in passing a constitutional amendment in 2018 that requires redistricting to be completed by an independent commission instead of the political party in power.

Since its first meeting in September, 2021, the League has been observing and reporting on all of the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) meetings.

For more information about the MICRC:


As part of the People Powered Fair Maps Program of the League of Women Voters, local Leagues across Michigan held 28 virtual town hall events this past spring to educate Michigan voters on the MICRC’s process of drawing new legislative and congressional maps  


After working toward an independent redistricting commission for more than 10 years, our work has finally reached a pinnacle in 2021.

  • Local Leagues held 28 town hall meetings to educate voters about the new concept of citizen participation in drawing district maps for Michigan’s state and national representatives.
  • A team of League members has monitored every single MICRC meeting and provided Communities of Interest all over Michigan with training and encouragement to present their case to the MICRC at a public hearing.
  • Once proposed maps were made public in October, the League held a series of public, regional webinars to help citizens understand maps that were drawn for their communities.
  • League volunteers also participated in a second round of public hearings, assisting citizens to again make their voices heard.

As observers of all of the MICRC hearings, the League of Women Voters has chosen to take action and make public comments several times concerning the Commission’s operation:


Sue Smith, Vice President of LWVMI, participated in a press conference hosted by the MICRC concerning the 2nd round of public hearings.


LWVMI supports the maps drawn by Promote the Vote, one of our Coalition partners.  Along with a 10-11 press release, the League participated in a press conference to promote these equitable maps.


  • Press Conference
    Sue Smith, Vice President of LWVMI, participated in a press conference held by the MICRC to promote map drawing by citizens.


  • LWVMI Comments to to the MICRC
    The League comments to the MICRC urging the Commission to review their mapping schedule since the current schedule does not allow enough time for the Detroit Metro region


  • LWVMI Comments to the MICRC
    The League comments to the MICRC requesting public comments pertaining to agenda items be changed back to a direct email to the Commission.



  • LWVMI Comments to the MICRC
    The League comments to the MICRC expressing our concern about the cancellation of MICRC meetings because of a lack of a quorum.


  • Press Release
    The League issued a press release concerning the Michigan’s Supreme Court’s denial of a request by the MICRC to extend their deadline because of the delay in delivery of census data.


  • Testimony to MICRC
    The League testified in front of the Commission concerning our opposition to beginning the map drawing process by using the current, gerrymandered maps.


  • Press Briefing
    A “half-way through the public hearings” press briefing took place featuring several of the MICRC Commissioners and LWV VP Sue Smith.


  • Amicus Brief
  • Press Release
    The League filed an Amicus Brief with the Michigan Supreme Court in support of the MICRC’s proposed extended timeline for adopting final redistricting plans.


  • LWVMI Comments to the MICRC
    The League asked the MICRC to clarify whether EDS, the firm awarded the map drawing contract, will start the process with the current maps or with Communities of Interest.


  • LWVMI Comments to the MICRC
    The League comments to the MICRC about it’s role to observe the meetings and assist with the Communities of Interest criteria.